Not your grandmother's hardwood

Do you remember those days visiting Grandmother's house and that old, dull, wood floor that she had? You know, the one that gave you splinters in your bare feet? Ouch! Today they have come a long way from the floors that Granny used to have and with none of those nasty little splinters.

True elegance

Wood floors can truly add a sense of elegance to a room. And, as a hardwood retailer, MK Flooring can offer you a seemingly unlimited number of styles, colors, and wood species to suit the style and feel you are seeking to capture. Whether you want to capture the antebellum feel of the old south or the chic stylings of a New York condo (and everything in between!), these floors can meet your every need.

Durable and practical

When you buy these for your home, you buy a lifetime floor that often will improve your home's overall value. They are not only durable but if a stampede of wild stallions happens to run through your home in Tulsa, OK, these floors can be sanded and refinished — good as new! And don't think that you cannot use these floors in "less elegant" spaces in your home. Who wouldn't want the durability and timelessness they bring in dens and bedrooms as well — anywhere your wild stallions might like to run or dwell.

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Even in the basement!

Solid wood floors should only be used above-grade. Yet, with more and more people finishing rooms in their basements, today's engineered hardwoods are designed to go downstairs as well. Special moisture barriers are designed to keep your floors as durable and elegant downstairs as they are upstairs. Even if you do not have a basement, these floors function equally as well over a concrete slab foundation as they do over a wooden subfloor.

If you are in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or the surrounding area, these floors are something you will want to seriously consider. As a leading hardwood retailer, MK Flooring offers many different options from which to choose and a professional sales staff to walk you through every step of the process. We also have professional installers who will treat your floor with care guaranteed. Whether it is elegance or practical durability that you seek for your home, allow us to introduce you to today's engineered hardwood flooring.