Romanced by hardwood but not the commitment? laminate is for you.

Who doesn't love the look of a wood floor? It adds elegance and beauty to any room, whether it is a formal space like a living room or a personal space like a bedroom or den. Laminate flooring gives you all of the benefits of the look and feel of wood, but with a more affordable price tag and without the permanent change to the room.

"Floating" floors

No, they may not soar the Arabian skies like Aladdin's magic carpet, but they sit (or float) on whatever subfloor you happen to have in your home. Moisture barriers are added in basements, which have the secondary benefit of helping to keep below-grade rooms dry and the edges of the floor are finished off with molding, providing a clean and classy look. Plus, since this floor sits on top of your existing subfloor, it gives you the flexibility of taking the floor back up again if you want to give the room a whole new look.

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Durable floors

Is your son preparing to enter a mixed-martial-arts tournament and practicing in his room? Is your daughter a prima-ballerina who twirls on pointe every opportunity that she can get? Are you planning to host a western line-dance competition in your living room? Then laminate floors are something into which you will want to look. They are designed to hold up well even in your highest traffic areas and many have warranties for wear that extend 15, 20, and even 30 years.

Good looks that do not fade

They say that "good looks fade away," but that is not the case with laminates. While many things bleach under direct sun, laminates are designed to keep their color and hold their beauty even from the harshest summer sun in Tulsa, OK. The floor installed directly in front of the sliding glass door or bay window will keep its color and design just as much as that which is installed in a back closet.

Are you interested in a floor like this? At MK Flooring, we make it our business to provide you with an attractive floor and a professional installation, all at a reasonable price. Why not stop by our showroom the next time you are in Tulsa, OK, and take a look at our line of laminate floors? Or check us out online; we believe you will be happy that you did.