Got spills? We have a solution — luxury vinyl flooring

Spills can come from many sources. While most are accidental, they still can cause the heart to panic as you don't want to see that investment in flooring ruined by a stain or other water damage. If this describes you, then we have a solution in luxury vinyl plank flooring. The floors look like either wood or stone but given that they are constructed of vinyl planks, water will not harm them, fade them, or cause them to break down in any way. Your home could be the site of the community water-gun battle and you would not need to bat an eye worrying about the welfare of your floor.

Vinyl planks

Often, when people think of vinyl floors, what comes to mind are either the 12-foot wide sheet goods used in kitchens and bathrooms or the square commercial tiles like line the floors of most supermarkets. Today, vinyl floors have come into their own. These luxury vinyl floors come in planks that get staggered on the floor much like you would lay out a hardwood floor. They are thicker than the old sheet goods and more flexible than vinyl used in the commercial floors, making for a durable floor with a very tight fit and finish. Also, they are completely waterproof flooring.

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Wood and stone

In the old days, you were usually pretty limited in your choices when it came to vinyl. That is not the case today. Vinyl is made and printed to look like a variety of styles of hardwood. And, if you don't particularly like hardwood, there are styles of luxury vinyl flooring that are designed to look like stone. Or, perhaps use different styles to meet the design of different rooms in your home.

Not just a pretty face

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that luxury vinyl floors just carry a picture of the wood or stone on the top layer. Not today; the top layer carries the design throughout its whole thickness. That means if you nick the floor, perhaps during that water-gun battle, your floor won't be ruined. The nick will appear as part of the design of the material.

If you are looking for an economical waterproof flooring in Tulsa, OK, then come check out our selection of luxury vinyl floors at MK Flooring. Our sales staff is knowledgeable and our installers will provide a professional installation; your satisfaction is guaranteed.