Rock solid: that’s how we do kitchens and baths! ceramic and granite

Oh, you know that we are dying to say it. Yes, "We will rock you!" It is true, we will rock your world (or at least your kitchen and bathrooms!). You've found your backstage pass into the world of floors and countertops.

On the floor

What is the most important thing that comes to mind when it comes to flooring in your kitchen or bath? Most commonly it is water without worry. Between spills and splashes, you don't want to have to worry about your floor being ruined every time water is present. You also want to make sure that water does not leak into lower levels or adjacent areas.

That’s where tile flooring shines. It is truly a waterproof floor and will keep the water where it can easily be wiped or mopped up if spilled. Plus it comes in a variety of colors, designs, and textures to add beauty to the rooms in which it is placed. As a tile retailer in Tulsa, OK, we offer options in both ceramic and porcelain and our trained sales staff can guide you in which surface is best for you.

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But not just for the floors!

Ceramic and porcelain tiles can also be used on countertops, as backsplashes, and on walls. Wherever you need a water-protective surface, tile can provide you with a solution. And do know that the solution need not be generic and plain, but colors and styles can be blended to make shapes and designs that will leave your rooms the talk of the community, whether they are in the kitchens, entryways, or bathrooms.

The rock of ages

Mountains are made of granite. And what do you think about when you think about mountains? True, they are big, but more importantly, they are lasting. The mountains that are here today are the same as your grandparents knew and that will be known for generations to follow. If you want a countertop or a floor that is truly a forever surface, why not consider granite? It can be custom designed and cut to fit whatever countertop you happen to have and they can be laid as tiles on your floor. Generations will come and go, and the granite will still be there.

If you are looking for granite in Tulsa, OK, or tile, you should stop by our showroom and let us show you around. As a granite and tile retailer, we at MK Flooring can help you choose just the right surface for you and give you a rock on which you can stand (or cook, or bathe).