Softness and warmth underfoot: don't underestimate the value of carpet

Hard surfaces do have their benefits, but when it comes to getting out of bed on a cold morning, there is nothing like a thick, plush soft surface flooring into which to scrunch your toes. In Tulsa, OK, where so many homes are built on slab foundations, why not explore the tried and true carpet in living areas of your home? The benefits can be substantial.

Many benefits

There are many factors to consider when choosing broadloom flooring for your home. It insulates the floor from the cold of winter adds a softness to the room. There is also a wide range of color and textures available. Not only do they feel nice underfoot but they also provide a comfortable place to play with your small children, to sit as you curl up in front of the TV, or to take an afternoon nap. If someone is elderly or a small child falls, the softness of this flooring helps prevent injuries.

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Options galore

And options, we can show you options. There are standard twist fibers and velvety Saxony lines. But there are also Frieze carpets, which have the feel of a traditional shag rug but have a tightly twisted tuft that holds up well to traffic and wear. A favorite for durability is always Berber, which is a loop pile like that of a commercial rug but whose loops are longer and thicker (and thus more comfortable underfoot). When one adds to these varieties the wide range of colors and patterns (yes, patterned rugs are also an option!) available, you can have a veritable field day in terms of laying out the look of your rooms. And did we mention that carpets today all have stain protection built-in?


Let's talk about padding. At MK Flooring, your carpet retailer in Tulsa, OK, we have a wide range of options when it comes to what you put underneath your soft surface. Good padding not only adds softness but it helps to insulate the floor from the cold and it can extend the wear-life as well. Good padding can make a modest carpet feel like a million dollars.

If you are looking for carpet in Tulsa, OK, you most certainly should stop by MK Flooring and look at our selection. Our trained sales staff and professional installers will walk you from start to finish as you add this flooring to your home.